Madagascar Themes Photobooth Design

How to create Madagascar Photo booth designs for Birthday

Madagascar Layout For Birthdays

Madagascar is one of the most popular 3D animated film in 20th century where all the main characters are all animals.

The story goes where all the wild animals live in a big city of Madagascar that was not unusual, but in today's topic i would like to share to everyone one of the past template of photo booth layout with Madagascar themes in design for a twin birthday celebration.

Well in this photo booth photo souvenir the client provided a photos with his all of his sons and they want to be included in this photo souvenir for their guest with Madagascar in design so i place those photos on the middle top part of the template and add some characters on it to give more creativity to this layout that i made.

At this point I used a green forest or jungle served as to be the main background of the layout.

To make a jungle or forest look like background here i combined three different forest element to be looks like that where in jungle such as a coconut leaf a green clip-art leaf and grass clip-art that you can easily downloaded in your internet browser for free.

I also add some Madagascar characters that was placed in different part of the layout to give more details in the layout.

For the frame here i used a dark orange color just like color of the tiger and add some clip art characters to add more design in those frame.

This photo souvenir photo booth layout that i made was basically set up in standard size and shape with 4 inches in tall and 6 inches in wide with a color mode of RGB and with a resolutions of 300 suitable and perfectly fit to your photo souvenir for your guest and visitors.

Madagascar birthday themes is one of the most famouse themes when it comes to birthday themes, events and occasion.

Basically choosing this themes will make your events become memorable because:

✔ Jungle Themes Birthday events setup
✔ More on Nature fun games
✔ Cute animal costumes
✔ Healthier food fruits and Veggies setup
✔ Animal inspired giveaway gifts
✔ Lots of DIY (Do it Yourself) Handcrafts Decor

Ideal Madagascar themes for Birthday Occasion

Most people and visitors will love to go to a birthday events that was related in nature.

Kids will surely loves to wear animal costumes.

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So that's it for our todays topic I hope you guys love this very unique and creative designs.

Have a nice day to everyone keep safe and have a blessed day to every each of you.

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