Congratulation Banner Layout for Wedding

How to create Tarpaulin Banner for Wedding

Congratulation Tarpaulin Banner for Wedding Template

From republic of the Philippines down to the land of Canada.

Welcome dear followers and readers to this blog.

The one of the most famous layout blog sites in the world where the collection of great and inspiring designs and templates are here published and posted to give you an informative information on how to make, get and owned a very special design for your very special occasions.

Thank you for keeping trusting this first ever layout blog templates in the world and i hope most of you wants a design that perfectly fits to your son and daughters celebration events.

Well guys lets start, In today's topic it was another inquiries from different part of the world and i would like to thank you for keep trusting this simple blog to be part of your memorable and remarkable events.

We received an email came from Canada that he wants a personalized banner design for their wedding with a huge size of 25 feet in width by 2.5 feet in height the clients wants a congratulations banner tarpaulin size with pinkish floral in color and they want to personally get those banner to our shop came from Manila here to Bulacan 3 days before their departure with his Filipina (a female Philippines citizen) wife. He told me a story that he was a missionary came her to the Philippines to teach the word of god and he was so amaze the courtesy and hospitality of the Filipino citizen gave to him.

He was also amazed some beautiful scenery that they seen in this place and he also meet personally a girl that catches her heart. I was amaze of what the client said to me regarding their relationship and i was happy for them so i decided to take a job even though i have a lots of pending jobs to be done right now because i want this blog to be more popular in terms of designed layouts and artistry so it was my chance and honored to be a part of this one big wedding celebration events.
Well you see in this template the client draws to a sheet of papers and demonstrated what kind of templates and design should they like to have for her and his wife agreed to those layout that they provide.

So as a layout artist i tried my best to followed their instruction that the given to us, i followed all every single details and fonts that they want to used in this congratulations wedding banner tarpaulin layout and in a short period of time they like the output of the designed that they wants to have, they give me $3 usd as my working fee because all those template that i make is worth only $3 Usd and an extra tip of $7 Usd for their in heart.

I would like to thanks to my client for this blessing that i received and guys keep in mind that if you created a templates for your clients just be sure to followed their direction properly and do the job with all of your hearts for you to gain and received more blessings for your efforts.

Always remember this the client is always right no matter what kind of jobs do you have just always consult to your clients regarding your concern before doing and before finishing your jobs. Well guys i hope you inspired for our today's topic and i hope you Guy's inspired to with their stories of love.

To all guys out there don't hesitate to leave a message to our official e-mail that you seen in our contact page.

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