Tinkerbell Photo booth design for First Birthday

Thinkerbell pb layout
Tinkerbell Photo booth Design for First Birthday 

How to create Tinkerbell photobooth layout for first birthday

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Imagination and Creativity is limitless just explore your mind and show to the world what you can make.

Creativity makes everyone happy so used you talent and skills to make their smile become memorable and remarkable.

Today here we discussed this past photobooth template that i make for 1st birthday with Tinkerbell themes design.

About Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is one of the most famous fairytale in the world where her greatest adventures spread throughout the world. Tinkerbell first known from a novel book where entitled Peter Pan.

Thinkerbell birthday standee

Tinkerbell Standee

Peter Pan was a young boy who could fly, he can fly by thinking of happy thought in his mind.

His adventures started when he came to visit a young girl named Wendy.

Wendy accidentally catches Peter pan shadow and trap those shadow inside the drawer.

Peter pan and Tinkerbell cannot go back to Never-land a place where child and people live in there never grows old until he get's back his own shadow.

Peter pan and Tinkerbell invite Wendy and his two brothers to go to Never land and this is how they start their journey and fighting against Captain Hook which he leads a pirate army.

Today here we discussed and i would like to share this sample photo booth template for first birthday with Tinkerbell design.

How to make Thinkerbell Photobooth Template

In this design here the color motif that we used to create this awesome photobooth layout was a combination green and yellow.

But since the clients wants Tinkerbell design for her daughters first birthday as birthday themes.

So I think and recommended to the client to use more on greenish or green related color combination, because those color was related to nature that fairy lives.

Their parents provide a very cute photos of the celebrants wearing a tutu dress just like Tinkerbell

It was applicable to used this photos as a main photos for photobooth layout for the guest photo souvenir.

Notice that i also used a curvy rectangular shape for frame as a design for this photo booth template.

This Tinkerbell photo booth layout for first birthday was design with a standard size a 6 inches by 4 inches with 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB for a guest and visitors it was nice to have a photo souvenirs in that particular events.

You will also see that i created a four slots of rectangular serves a space for the picture that came from the dslr camera.

Thinkerbell Birthday Party Idea

Tinkerbell theme is so very magical so when you desire to choose to have tinkerbell birthday party ideas for your 1 year old child it should be enchanted.

Well if your at home and stay connected to your internet you can watch many different homemade tinkerbell decoration and DYI forest backdrop that you may used in preparing your child's birthday.

You can also buy from supermarket, one stop party shop and from local market some giveaway for your guest or you can create your own personalized souvenir.

Enchanted forest backdrop is suitable for this theme and enchanted forest photography background for your child's photos.

Green or Brown and any nature related color are suitable for tinkerbell backdrop, you can also applied this color for your table decoration and setup.

Used or rent smoke machine to add more dramatic effect fog effect to your stage backdrop.

Handmade wood pouch with veins leaves and wood sheets is one alternative ideas to loot bag it is one ideal birthday party ideas with tinkerbell themes.

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If your looking for Party Hat used Peter pan hat design.

So there you have it Guy's well i hope you all learn something new from this Tinkerbell Photobooth template and i hope you'll come here back to get some more of cool design and template here together with your friends have a nice day to everyone out there have a nice day and god bless to everyone.

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