Sofia the First and Chrstening Photobooth themes

Sofia the First Photobooth template (Christening)

Sofia the first is an animated 3D character that Disney Television Animation created for Disney Chanel, Disney Junior.

The story goes when her mother Miranda married to the King Ronald ll of Enchania that makes her to become a princess.

The series of episodes follows to her adventures as he eases to a new role and tries to get a long with her new family. Amber is a spoiled step sister, James her friendly older step brother and Cedric a magician who was trying to steal Sofia's amulets this amulets makes Sofia talk to animals.

Every kids now a days loves and know Sofia's so much because she was a kind and warmth hearted princess. Many parents now a days knows and love Sofia's so much so they want Sofia the first to be the their theme design for their daughters birthday and christening so in our today's topic here we discussed my past sample Photo Booth template design for christening.
In this sample that i created here you see that i used a a very standard 4r paper size which is 6 inches in width by 4 inches in height photo booth souvenir with a resolution of 300 and a color mode of (RGB) which stands for Red, Green and Blue.

For the frame of this sample Sofia the first photo booth template here i used a Sofia the first color themes which is purple and i combined it with white polka dots take a look at the edges of the frame you'll notice that on the edges of the layout you will see that i include some flower colorful clip art and i used a Sofia the First logo to this Sofia the First photo booth layout to add more design to this template.

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Choosing the best font in making a photo booth template makes your layout looks great by clicking blending option and adding some effect like stroke, Bevel and Embossed and outer glow on it will enhanced the look of your design.

One of the main key to have a nice and perfect look photo souvenir for photo booth is to have a high and good quality of image you can grab and get a good quality of celebrants photos on your highly pixelated camera phones and digital cameras.

So there you have it guy's i hope you learn something new from our sample design Sofia the First photo booth template for Christening for the day and i hope you'll be back together with your friends for more of exciting design that randomly released this following days.

Have a nice day to everyone god bless and keep safe.

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