Winter Themed Photobooth design for 18th birthday

18th Birthday Photo Booth Template Design

SIMPLE 18TH birthday photobooth design

Hey there what's up welcome back guys to this one of amazing blog sites in the world where the collection of different templates and design are here gathered together to give you a lot of information regarding to themes and design that you may used in your different events.

such as birthdays, wedding, baptism, christening, business, schools and many others.

In today we discussed my past template design for 18th birthday sample photo booth layout with Ice blue themes.

Light Blue Photobooth Layout for 18th Birthday

Since i focus my articles to tarpaulin and invitation i forgot to post my past photo booth template.

What is a Photo booth?

A photo booth is a rented booth that you can see in different party events and occasion where the visitors wear some props and take a picture for there to have a photo souvenirs in that particular occasions.

Winter Wonderland photobooth design for 18th Birthday

A simple photo booth business was composed of a very simple equipment which is a Digital Camera, Photo Paper, Lights, Stands, Laptops and some cable and connecting wires.

Having a photo booth business gives you a great income even in your home you can gain more client by just posting and and endorsing your business in some social sites like Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram.

A Photo booth business also requires a printer where the photos was printed.

A good quality of printers can have a good quality of output.

Pink floral 18th Birthday Striped type photobooth design

Pink floral 18th Birthday Striped type photobooth design

It also requires a highly creativity and skills when it comes to designing your ideas should be match to the taste and design that your clients instructed.

How Much do you Need to spend to have photo booth to your 18th Birthday?

In fact photo booth business is very popular all over the globe where you can have a photo souvenir that you can give to your guest and visitors automatically during the occasion was held.

Dusty Blue photobooth layout for 18th birthday

You only need to spend $60 for a three hours of their services and additional $10 to add every hour.

It was unlimited and a chance for your guest and visitors to grab many photo souvenir as they can during the event.

Best Quality 18th Birthday Photo booth Layout Design: 100% FREE

18th birthday is the most special events to a female celebrants it is the most awaited event's of her lifetime where the occasion happens with a very special participation of friends, relatives and guest.

Top ten Color Motif in 18th Birthday Photo booth Layout

photobooth 18th birthday template

Simple Photo booth for Birthday

Mostly People or celebrants cant decide easily they look for inspiring design that catch up their attention especially when it comes to their personalized photo souvenir from photo booth.

Now here i will share this top 10 most selected color motif when it comes from 18th birthday Photo booth

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Purple
  5. White
  6. Yellow
  7. Green
  8. Gold
  9. Silver
  10. Peach

In this events there are many programs that might occurred depending on the celebrants choice like 18th roses where the male participants dance with the celebrants and give him a single red rose.

The 18th Blue Bill where the participants pin a one thousand bill on her dress, The 18th Gifts where the participants are trying to give a gift to a celebrants.

The 18th Wishes where the participants make a wish for a celebrants and many more, depending on the program.

In my past Photo booth template design for 18th birthday. here the client wants a snow and ice kind of photo booth template so I've downloaded some cool and awesome ice design images that i want to include in this template, for the frame here i used a rectangular but circular edges and i design it with blue floral that perfectly match to the themes that the client wants, and in this template here i used a photos that the celebrants gave to us.

I show the output design to the clients and they want it so much as a template for photo booth in his 18th birthday.

Best Sites to get more unique and creative 18th Birthday Photo booth Ideas

Elegant 18th Birthday Photo Booth Template

Elegant 18th Birthday Photo Booth Template


Pinterest is one of the leading photo image websites where you can find collection of photos and image of innovative techniques if you are looking for innovative ideas for your Photo Booth business.

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Stay tuned for more unique and creative ideas, This is Christopher Bautista see you next time at have a nice day to everyone. 

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