Ever After High Themes Seventh Birthday Backdrop

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Sample Backdrop Party Ideas Ever After High Themes for Birthday

Hello dear followers and readers all over the world welcome to this exciting blog where hundredths of creative and unique design and templates are gathered together here to give you a lot of informative information regarding to those themes and design that you want for your very especial days.

In today's topic here is a sample backdrop design for Seventh birthday with ever after high themes.

In this design here they used a combination of purple and hot pink for cloth for skirting the stage they also put a main character of Ever after High in the center stage that was made with Styrofoam and repaint quick dry paint. 

They also add some toy shop on the left part of the stage for where the host or the speaker or the event speaker will easily get the prize for the children.

In July 2013 Mattle released a fashion doll called Ever After High well it was based on Monster High dolls but instead of monster the characters they were based on fairy tales and fantasy stories. Ever after high is a boarding school that was attended with teenage students with a fairy tale characters.

So i hope you guy's like this sample Ever After High Backdrop party Ideas of Seventh Birthday and i hope you'll be back for more of creative layouts and design that randomly released this following days, have a nice day to everyone and god bless to every each of you.

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