How to Make Digital Welcome Board

How to Create Digital Welcome Board for First Birthday?

Digital welcome board for first birthday designs

Welcome Board for First Birthday Design

The Welcome Board, Digital Welcome Board, Signage Board or Chalk Board are almost the same purposes. 

They place it on the entrance of the venue or near to the cake so that the incoming guest and visitors will easily notice this board design, but these board are different from each other.

Safari welcome board for first birthday designs
Safari welcome board design

Digital Board - These are board that was made with printed sticker and attached to the syntra board to make it hard and easily to stand.
It is one of the most popular welcome board in party events.

Chalk Board - These are made with decorative frame and a black board that you can write manually with chalk or colorful chalk with a wonderful message, Chalk board is very popular in wedding occasion

Signage Board - Any thing that was made with solid woods board like with lots of painted with paint design.

Welcome Board - It can be printed designs to the tarpaulin also called Standee or Message board

You can use any of this in your very special occasion.

In this template we sliced it up parts by parts so you could better understand on how to create this basic simple but cute and adorable digital welcome board and how customized and make it something like this.

In this design here you could ask the client for a good quality of photos of the celebrants a good quality of photos makes your design looks great with proper costumes and suit according to themes you can create an awesome design digital welcome board. 

The next step is to download some cute fonts that you may used in your work well you can freely download some cool fonts in different site for free but i therefore recommend to download some amazing fonts to you can freely choose the appropriate font depends on the theme design authors and any other category that you may choose from.

After that Lets go to another steps in creating your personalized digital welcome board it is much better to have an photo editor software i recommend to use the Adobe Photoshop  any version of this is much better or if you can't find you can go some portable with no installation keygen required.

Nautical Welcome Board for Seventh Birthday
Nautical Welcome Board for Seventh Birthday

When you can have all those basic material you can start making your design by just preparing the proper size that you want to have.

I therefore suggested to use a human sized when creating your digital welcome board to be looks natural for example if your child was measure about 3 feet in height probably you can use a 2.5 feet in width when she wear a gown or dress.

Next step is to find a good and cute looking background that was suitable for ages and gender of the celebrants use light colors when the events  are christening and first birthday like baby colors and hot and strong colors when 7th birthday and up.

Add cute and adorable message
You can add any of the following

Here are some information that you may include to your Digital Welcome Board

For example:
How many teeth that the celebrants have?
How tall is the celebrants?
Things that the celebrants can do?
Favorite food of the celebrants?
First word that he / she speaks?
Date of his / her Birth?

For additional designs for your digital welcome board you can experiment colors to the font that was suitable to the background.

If possible add some blending option effects to the font such as strokes, outer glow, inner glow, drop shadows or beveled and embossed

Strokes - are used to float the image or fonts if you used dark color fonts used a light color for the strokes.

Outer Glow - Creates a outer glowing effect to image or font.

Inner Glow - Opposite of outer glow

Drop Shadow - Creates a shadow effects mostly used in fonts to create a stunning and awesome look.

Bevel and Emboss - Makes an image or font looks like hard and solid effect.

In this Digital Welcome Board here they used a Star as a Themes for this template you can create your own themes if you want or you can pick and select themes from our different samples that you might like.

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Well guys this is it i hope you like this sample Digital Welcome board for the day and i hope you'll be back for more of creative and unique template that randomly released this following days.

Have a nice day to every each of you and god bless to everyone.

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