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Sublimated Campaign T-shirt 

In today's topic its a very seasonal design that i make for a campaign paraphernalia that you may used in your political usage. here i created a sample leaflets that you may give to every person when you running for a local baranggay election. In today's template here the client of mine provided a photos and he wants a sample design Template with reddish yellow color combination that he will gave to every each persons in his local baranggay to notify that he was running for a baranggay Councillor in his area.

Campaign Tarpaulin Template

In creating this amazing template you should followed this basic simple steps for you to achieved this one of amazing templates for your candidacy purpose. Step #1 The Photo The photo should be clear you must have a soft copy of your photo that was captured in digital photo studio for a great result. must better if you have a half body shots rather that 1x1 or 2x2 photos the arms shoulder should be see and a clear cut to the head it is must better to see those kind of photos in your campaign paraphernalia. Step #2 The Background Like as i always said it doesn't matter what kind of background should you used in your template as long as you have a consistency to the color themes of your motif you will achieves a great result, in this template for leaflets here i used the color themes that he gave to me the red and yellow motif, so here i used a sun ray with reddish and yellowish color combination. Step # 3 The logo Since that we live in a Philippines i used some Philippines logo color themes template, i download a dove hands like with Philippine color design to add more attraction and to make this templates looks catchy red and yellow combination is better combination when you uses in political purposes.
Step #4 The Border The border frames give a lot of attraction when you create a leaflets template for you political campaign so you must a a border in your template you should give a right space for that. Step #5 The Font Font is one big factor in creating this campaign paraphernalia materials it give a details of the person who is running through and as well as the position he was been up to. Step #6 Color themes You must considered this aspect in making a template to achieve a nice and good looking design, proper blending is a key and positioning of every design hat you want to include for a better results. In this template here i used a very simple font which is Impact and i blend those font in a nice readable template so that when he gave to a persons with poor eyesight it can easily for them to read it.

A nationalism person can't read so he must have a pattern first before he votes in this way if you gave a leaflets with photos and a good font of it it was easy for them to recognized who he is voting for.

So i hope you guys learn something new and i hope i can share more of my political ideas, if you have any question for that just simply email me and i response as soon as possible. Have a nice day to every each of you and see you next time for more of templates that released randomly, God bless every one and bye guy's.

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