Cutest first birthday sample photobooth design

Very Cute First Birthday photobooth Design

Photobooth Design for First Birthday

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Stars Photobooth Layout Design

Clouds and Stars Editable Photobooth Template $3 USD
Specification (Black, Stars, 4 Shot, Clouds .PSD format)

Grab this $3USD Editable Stars Photobooth Template and make your party become more magical.

Cute Daisy Editable Photobooth Template

Cute Daisy Editable Photobooth Template $3 USD
Specification (Daisy, Floral, Pink, 4 Shot, Flowers, .PSD format)

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Make your child a star

send us email to with 400 to 500 words description regarding to your design that you make together with the design that you make and we will post up in here. In today's topic here i created a Photo Booth Template for First Birthday.

Here i created one of the cutest floral Photo booth template for first birthday, in this template here i used a combination of yellow pink and green color as a themes.

In this design the client wants a simple but cute photo booth layout for first birthday with magical design.

This template was composed of 300 resolution RGB with 6 inches in width and 4 inches in Height.

The key of a good quality template and design is at the camera that you used in taking up photos. 

The good quality of photos you have a good quality of templates you should get.

Most of Parents prepared for the coming of the first birthday of his or her son it symbolized thank you celebration for a one whole year of good health and life of their son or daughter together with family, relatives and friends. 

In that particular event guest buy a gift of the celebrants it maybe a shirt, milk bottle, dress, etc. that the celebrant maybe used.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for the celebrant just try a photo booth for the photo souvenir.

What to know about building a Photo booth business? 

Floral unique first birthday photobooth layout design
Cute first birthday Photo booth Template

The photo booth business is expanding worldwide.

It's one of the most popular businesses right now and even if you are just at home you can get your clients through your social accounts. 

All you need is a small investment in this business and a little design ability.

You can often find photo booth layouts and designs that are almost entirely simple but these types of designs are not enjoyed by other clients, they are looking for unique themes and designs and that is what gives them pleasure as souvenir to their guests, friends and family members.

Cocomelon Photobooth Layout for first Birthday
Cocomelon Photo booth Layout

Equipment needed to build a photo booth business

Camera - this is the heart and soul of every photo booth business, it captures every smile and every person who goes to such an occasion.

How to choose a good Camera?
If you want to build a photo booth business you need to have a camera.

Before you buy you must first search the internet for reviews about the camera you want to purchase.

Printer - If your planning to buy printer  make sure that it should be fast and applicable to the photo booth business.

Unlike traditional home or office printers, the  printer model you have to purchased must be is heavy duty and can print out fast because a photo booth is a place where always crowded by guest and visitors.

To get them a photo souvenir at the event. 

Laptops - The laptop you have to need for such a photo booth business doesn't have to be expensive to use just for a laptop at a party event as long as it's in good condition and doesn't cause problems.

LED Lights - Large light is provided by LED Light’s.

As a result, the color of a photo souvenir is significantly enhanced.

This also makes it easier for anyone to take a photo without the need for a photo editing application. 

Tables and Stand - In a small venue you will need to provide stands for your photo booth as you will place your lights and camera.

You also need to have your own table for the event because catering services do not cover your work to provide you with the tables you need.

Props - Different props better. You can make your own props or buy hair wigs and shades are some examples of good props that you can use in the long run.

Photo Editing Application - This is one of the basic things you need to have installed on your computer.

Here you make your layout the placement of photos and important information such as date, name and occasion the main function of this photo editing application as if called adobe Photoshop.

DSLR Remote - This is also a must-have application for you to control your digital camera and the layout you create.

Peach Fairy Photobooth layout for Twins

These are just a few of the tools you need to build your own photo booth business.

Well guy's i hope you like my sample photo booth Template for First Birthday and I Hope you'll be back for more of exciting design that randomly released this following days.

Have a nice day to everyone

See you next time...

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