Circus at First Birthday Sample Template

Circus Theme Design Template

Hello there and welcome to this amazing site where hundredths of unique template and design are publish, each and everyday different unique design are made in here so you can choose and select the themes that suits to your taste.

Some basic effects that you put on your template can create a best design template some of this basic blending option that you may used are Stroke this blending option effects gives a template additional design for your layout you can use strokes in font and some square photos to give a photos a nice borders and frames.

Cute Carnival Design for First Birthday

Bevel and Embossed this gives a great emboss look in your template Inner Glow this gives a inside light effect in your template. you can used this effect on font. Outside Glow it gives you also a light effects and you can apply it on the font and on the photos.

Circus Design for Birthday

Gradients tool. this tool effect maybe used on font it gives a faded effect to the font that you may applied you can used any color that you want to have two colors or more. this tools give a best blending effect to your design.

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Circus Template for First Birthday
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Drop Shadow this is my favorite effects that you may seen in blending option. this tools give a shadow effect in your design and for me it was nice a suitable to use this blending effects on font.
 Opacity this is one effect that you can used in your layout you can used this effect on font and even on photos this effect is one of my favorite when it comes to designing. 

Circus Template for First Birthday

 Here are some Circus design for first birthday in this template here i used a strife red and white color combination served as a frame border design template  i also created a unique logo with a circus tent and some light bulb design with red label design for some photos i used a red stroke design.

Circus is one of the most enjoyable themes when it comes to party event because you can add more gaming station, food station some clown and magician onto it.

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