Insight Album Design Template for Seventh Birthday Cinderella

Sample Photo Album Template Cinderella 

Dear guest greetings!. welcome to this site, In here hundreds of design that you may choose from our different template and themes that maybe suits to your occasional events. In today topic here i choose to make a special design for Album template with Disney Princess Cinderella themes.

Cinderella Design for Photo Album Template

Cinderella was one main inspiring character in a magical story where she was a maid with his own aunt and two step sister, she work all night and days to served his aunt and two step sister she cooks, clean houses and every wash clothes and dishes and even buying ingredients and other material to store that might there be need in their house. One day a prince disguised a normal people to watch how normal people do.

In everyday living and to suggest to the king the best for their country. While Cinderella went to the market she saw the prince that was in disguise and give him something to eat that was the first time she see the prince but he didn't know that i front of her was the real prince and she went home to do some home stuff.

The King wanted to married his one and only son so he give the message to all the girls in their country an invitation to a grand ball and wants a king for prince to choose the right girl for her.

Then one day the event has come and Cinderellas great grand mother appears whose is witch and give Cinderella a nice and good looking blue gown and transform the the two mouse into two white horses and a pumpkin for a carriage.

One conditions that his great grand mother gave to Cinderella that she must went back before 12 in the midnight and she agree with that.

On that day Cinderella went to grand ball with beautiful blue gown and the Prince catches that attention and they dance and dance all over again.

Cinderella didn't notice the time and when 12 in the midnight has come she run away with a rush.

Cinderella left a glass of shoe and the prince keep it and Cinderella transformed to a normal maid girl.

The Prince in love at that moment so he search those girl the one whose left the glass shoes by visiting every each of house whose a girl live in it.

Photo Album with Cinderella Template

The one whose glass shoe that fits to their feet is the one that the prince marry and became a Princes.

When the prince arrive to their house his Aunt and two step sister entertain the prince and they make a try to wear the glass shoe.

When step sister try the shoe it was to big for the shoe the second try to wear the shoe but his feet was to short for the shoe and his aunt try to wear a glass shoe but the feet of her aunt was to long.

This is why Cinderella ask to wear the shoe but her aunt and his two step sister laugh until when Cinderella wear the shoe it become fit and transformed his rug doll into a very beautiful blue gown and then the Prince Mary Cinderella and become a princess and they live happily ever after.

This is what Cinderella story was. Here is my sample photo album Template with Cinderella themes on it.

I hope you guys like my sample design with Cinderella themes on it.

Stay tune for more of creative design that released this following days have a blessed day to everyone and god bless everybody see you next time.

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