Insight Album Page Design Circus for Birthday

Photo Album Cover for 4th Birthday Circus Themes

Hello and welcome dear followers and to new readers welcome to this site where you can find and get different themes and design for your personalized event occasion for your love ones. I received  E-mail requesting that i should post my sample design for album to help them in finding the right themes for their photo album. So i decided to share to you this amazing design of Photo Album for birthday in this design here the photo album covers for Two Sisters in real life with the same date for their birthday.

Photo Album Cover for 2nd Birthday Circus Themes

In the left for the boarders corners here i used a strife red and dirty white colors to be its boarder we also used a rainbow served to be the separation design for the photos of the birthday celebrant and to the theme design.

For the background we used a light colors and for the design we used a circus element clip art design like Banderitas, Circus Tent, Classic style Clown Clip art and  elephant on the ball.

In this design just like the second its almost the same so you don't need much effort in creating a design for this themes

Carnival Tarpaulin Design for Birthday

For the label name here we used a red cloudy label and add some design like balloons and circus tent this is where the name of the celebrant should be place red, white and blue is the best color that was applicable to this themes.


Did you know?
In the late 70's Circus and carnival is the most popular place  to be enjoy at that time where many magicians, fortune teller, food booth where you can buy foods and animal trainer are in this one big place they give entertainment and happiness to the viewer and to the children and some of the circus episode where popular because it was televised live at that time.

Kids loves to watch those circus especially the magic show and the animal show. 

Most of the performer in the circus where very talented and they always say that "Do not try this at Home".

Because some of their stunts are deadtifiying.

I hope you guys Like my sample Album Template Cover Page for Birthday with Circus Themes and i hope you will be back for more of this design that will released this following days.

I hope this site will give you an idea for your next occasional events. If you have any problem in your design just send us an Email and we will give to you the best design and quality template just for you.

See you next time and have a nice day Guy's.

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