Disney Princess Double Birthday Photo Booth Layout

Sample Photo Booth Design Disney Princess Themes

Hello dear readers welcome once again to this exciting site where you can grab and get ideas from my different sample design for free.

Today here is my sample photo booth design for double birthday that you may like it was my past design for photo booth with a very cute Disney's Princess themes on it.

Disney's Princess is a collection of princess that Disney movies released.

Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jasmine of Aladdin, Ariel of Little Mermaid was on this. 

All fairy tale starts with the word once upon a time and ended with a good happening with the word The End.

If you have a camera and laptop you can easily get and make a money with photo booth business.

Circus Photo booth Double Birthday Template

Here are some tips in making a double birthday photo booth design

Tip #1
Use their photo which is close to each other.

When you do this you can save a lot of space in your design and it was easier for you to edit those photos one at the same time.

Tip # 2
Use colorful design in making a Disney Princess photo booth.

It is more advice able to construct a colorful design of photo booth when it comes to Disney princess themes because most of Disney princess characters have different personalities and color themes.

Tip #3
Be sure that your design was perfectly fit in size that you want.

In making any photo booth layout be sure that you must check the size that the client wants whether its a 4R or 5R paper size you must keep your layout looks perfectly build and not distorted and always check the information that the client provided you.

You must follow their instruction very well in this way you gain more a lot of respect from them.

Tip #4
Collect and download all the design fonts and clip art before you proceed to make your layout

before starting making your design.

In this way you can save at least 50% of time and energy. 

Candyland Photobooth layout for Double Celebration


Follow this basic 4 simple tips in making a Disney princess photo booth design and you'll have a nice and good looking design that you want.

Yellow Gold and Green Double birthday Photobooth Design

Yellow Gold and Green Double birthday Photobooth Design

I hope you guys like my sample photo booth design template and I hope you'll be back for more of the design that i will released this following days, have a nice day to all of you and god bless everyone.

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