Hello Kitty Photo Booth Template for Christening

Hello Kitty Photo Booth Template

Hello there and welcome today here i made a very special design for photo booth business the Hello Kitty photo booth template for christening.

Sorry guys for late posting this past days because i have lots of work to be done first. by the way in this design here i make a 6 inches by 4 inches as usual a basic photo booth setup paper size with 300 resolution RGB color mode.

In this design here i choose to select a two photos of the birthday celebrants and put it on the top and at the bottom of the design layout for the frame here i used a pinkish color frame also download some Hello Kitty clip arts from it and a hello kitty logo ribbon and place it on the edges of the frame for thank you font i used a white color with black strokes with Burston font.

Ideal Hello Kitty Photobooth Layout for Christening

For the name here i used a Afterschool festival font with fuchsia pink color and white stroke on it.

For the christening font here i make a pink color with white strokes and a hardest style demo font that i downloaded, for the date of the event here i used a Mistral font. for the background design i used a Pink, Light Pink and Fuchsia pink polka dots color with Hello Kitty comic design

Where can you find Hello Kitty Photo Booth?

Now a day photo booth business is so very popular, Now you can easily inquire their services without leaving your home this services with the help of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also ask you friends to help you to look for the best photo booth services that offers Hello Kitty themes.

What Hello Kitty Photo Booth layout is suitable for your daughters Christening?

There are lots of creative designs of Hello Kitty Photo Booth you may choose from but based on the theme color you can easily select a best template that suits to your child. The combinations of Pink and White color is the best and applicable that you may choose Since that Hello Kitty is a white cartoon character with Pink dress you can apply those color combination in your working Hello Kitty Photo booth layout. You can also download png hello kitty image on your browser to add more details on your personalized template. A .PNG file gives you a high quality and detailed image and also a transparency effect to your particular designs.

Why many parents choose to have Hello Kitty Birthday party for their daughters first birthday?

Five reasons why Hello Kitty is very popular for first birthday.

For so many years and the millennial era has come until now Hello Kitty is very popular in terms of themes and design when it comes to birthday parties. The reason why they choose to have a hello kitty as their main design it is just because 1. You can easily buy. When you go to a shopping malls and buy some giveaway for your daughters first birthday for your children visitors such as toys, towel, plate, bags and dolls and candies. 2. You can also buys those souvenir with hello kitty design with less effort because many company provide different kind of souvenir depending upon your budget. 3. You can also make a personalized design for your souvenir such as simple mugs it is one of the best example you can easily create. You can also do different kinds of DIY arts and crafts with Hello Kitty Designs. 4. You can easily decorate your venue based on your themes pink and white balloon, pink and white table cloth and pink and white setup for center stage. 5. Kids loves sweets you can also baked sweets like cupcake and muffin with Hello Kitty designs. Kids and visitors loves to eat sweets and it can also served as an appetizer for your dish.

So this is a simple way on how to make this very cute Hello Kitty Photo Booth template and you can use this kind of template in other events I hope you like this design for photo booth and i hope you get a new ideas from this sample. Please visit us for more of the design that i will released this following days. Have a nice day to all of you guys and God Bless.
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