18th birthday photo booth ideas

Sample 18th Birthday Photo booth design

Very cute and attractive 18th birthday photobooth design

18th birthday photo booth template is perfect for any celebration.

It is an open layout that looks professional. 

18th Birthday Photo Booth Ideas

The design is simple but attractive.

There are lots of ways on how to build your photo booth template looks good well first of all its depending on the themes and motif of the celebrants secondly a good and nice layout design depends upon how good quality of photo that the client provided you.

Today here is my past sample photo booth design template for 18th birthday.

In this sample design the client ask a design that was unique in theme for her photo booth template, there are lots of themes and design we provide to the client but he choose to have a classic and rustic themes oak wood design template.

For the font i used a simple but readable black fonts.

In this photo booth template here I used a four black frame that blends perfectly to the layout design and here I used all the photo that the client provide us with white oak wood it is the most applicable themes and design for photo booth as a template for 18th birthday debutante.

In this template here i make a six inches by four inch in paper size with 300 resolution on it with RGB color mode. in creating your personalized photo booth template just always to follow the basic tips to help you save a lot of effort, time and energy.

What is the most chosen color on photobooth regarding to 18th birthday celebration?

Very stunning 18th birthday photobooth design

Now here are the top 10 list if the most popular color schemes that mostly used on 18th birthday photobooth.

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Purple
  4. Navy Blue
  5. Red
  6. Gold
  7. Black
  8. Silver
  9. Blue
  10. Peach


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