Invitation Design Coachella theme for 7th Birthday

Coachella Themes for Seventh birthday invitation

This is a simple, modern, classy and boho-chic design. For an elegant touch of style.

Sample Invitation Design Coachella Theme 1st Page

The Coachella Boho layout is a chic, casual, colorful design that is perfect for a festival or summer party. This layout is perfect to showcase your favorite photos and crafts as well.

In this design here i make a very simple design but it was very cute and very adorable design that might suits in your taste.

Boho style invitations and layouts with a little bit of vintage and a lot of fun and color

Sample Invitation Design Coachella Theme 2nd Page

Coachella Boho Invitation Template is a beautiful invitation template for Coachella Boho Music Festival. This template is for a Coachella Boho Festival invitation and it's perfect for a sophisticated, yet laid back type of event. This template is perfect for Coachella Boho Festival.

In this sample invitation there are two page that I've made, the first part of the page was more on the details of the event, this include their name the time date place and what attire should be the guest wear.

In this design i used a semi circular design for the photo of the birthday celebrants with Coachella and feathers design on it with a combination of light colors it was suitable for this design and on the second page it was almost the same type and design  but different photo of the birthday celebrant i used. 

Take at look at first page, in this sample Coachella sample invitation i used a dream catcher design for this layout and a floral water color to add more design, i also used a blending color like light creamy color and pinkish color to the font. on the second page i used a very simple design a dream catcher  and on the second page of the invitation this include the name of all the participants in that particular occasions.

Collection of Unique 7th Birthday Invitation Free Inspiring Design

From this design i make a dual six inches by four inches sample Coachella design sample invitation with a maximum of 300 and a  RGB color mode, i printed it in a A 4 paper size and resize it a little bit smaller to get me a four copy per print.

Guys i hope you like my sample Coachella design sample invitation for the seventh birthday and i hope you'll come back for more of our sample design that will launched this following days, for all dear new visitors please enjoy this site and guys please keep supporting this first ever site that you can grab and get newly idea from my samples and to help more people that needs a design for their very special events.

If you have any questions and suggestions you can freely send us an e-mail and we will response as soon as i see all of your messages out there.

Guy's I'll encourage each and everyone of you to participate this first ever layout template blogs in the world where the collection of unique and creative template are here posted to give a lot of informative information to every people all over the world searching for cute and creative template that suits to their styles.

There are Two Option on how to join

Option number 1

Send us your cute, adorable and unique template to Get.Layout@Gmail.Com together with 400 to 500 word description telling us why those layouts are very important to you. 

Option number 2

Send us the photos of the celebrant together with the details size and themes that you want and we will make a very special unique invitation template that suitable for the themes that you selected

For Examples:

Themes: Choachella Design Invitation Template

Details: 7th Birthday Name of the celebrants, place and date
Photo: It should be good quality of image for a better result

and proceed to our official email to send those details and information because in Email the quality of image remains unlike though social site

see you next time guys and god bless to everyone out there. bye!.
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