Ideal Design for Wedding Photo Booth Template

Sample photo booth design for wedding

So very elegant wedding photobooth design

There are lots of unique and ideas to be applied to your wedding choosing a perfect wedding themes is one great way to start.

These wedding themes will be you starting point to build different designs from backdrop, souvenirs, tarpaulin, invitation and photo booth.


Photo booth design for wedding

Photo Booth is a kind of business that you can earn money in just by simply taking photos to the visitors or guest who attended the specific event.

This kind of business is very cool, low cost and very fast generated money business.

All you gonna need in establishing your photobooth business is a laptop, a DSLR camera, a printer, a photo paper , tripod, a tarpaulin served as a backdrop and a stand for it.

The only questions you may asked to yourself in establishing this kind of business is how to make a good quality photo booth design for specific event?

The specific themes and the color motif that the client wants and what photo should you use in those layout. This are some main factor that affects the good quality of photo booth designs you build.

Take a look at this sample photo booth design for wedding.

In this sample the client provided us a two pictures of their prenup photo shoot and they want a design with green floral color in their photo booth photo souvenir.

Also in this sample photobooth for wedding I used two primary photos of the couple and I used four column frame it is the ideal photo booth template for wedding with green themes.

You also notice that I used a floral design with pinkish color of flower at the edges of the frame to add more design to it.

You can also see that i used several floral design served as a label background for the name of the celebrant and on to the top of each frame i used a green grass to add more design to the frame and i make its opacity less than 65%.

Keep in mind  that when you make a photobooth design for wedding just make sure that you make it more professional in look i mean more mature in look rather than layout for teens and kids design.

In this way you gained more respect in your client and this client will recommended you to their friends or relatives that needs your services.

So to all of my loyal readers i hope you guys like my sample photobooth design for wedding.

How much budget do you need to spend on your wedding?

Most of us are probably wondering how other couples have held their wedding celebration.

With expensive expenses this is one of the main problems they will face.

Peach wedding beige photobooth design

But what exactly is the ideal budget to spend for a wedding.

If you are going to have a simple civil wedding you will only cost No more than $ 100 USD.

The cost of a wedding only increases depending on the number of guests you invite.

If you only have a limited number of guests, you can make a reservation for a restaurant or a simple eatery establishment.

Because of this, you will save a lot, especially during the busy time of cooking and other condiments of the food to be served.

You can spend as little as $ 6 per person at restaurants and eatery establishments that offer unlimited food servings per person.

It also adds to the cost of a wedding having a wedding souvenir for me It is not practical to give a wedding souvenir to your guest.

The important thing is that you have the time to invite them to your most special day of your life.

Your guest also pays more attention to food instead of souvenirs, so if you plan to hold your wedding in a restaurant or eatery establishment you should know that the food they are preparing is delicious and fits your budget.

Dusty Blue Wedding Photo booth layout

Top 10 Best Wedding Theme's

Very Simple Wedding photobooth design

1. Boho
2. Burgandy
3. Travel
4. Mustard
5. Filipiniana
6. Rustic
7. Barn
8. Floral
9. Vintage
10. Dusty Blue

More photobooth design for wedding

Simple wedding photobooth design

Create the perfect photo booth experience for your wedding with these design ideas and layouts.

Find out how to set up a free photo booth that will capture fun memories on your special day.

Simple wedding photobooth design

Create unforgettable memories with a beautifully designed photobooth for your wedding. Get inspired by our free layout designs and make your special day even more magical.

Very simple wedding photobooth design

I hope you'll get back for more of design that launch this following days.

Have a nice day to all and GOD bless to everyone out there. 

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