Double Birthday Invitation Layout

Proper way to greet the Double Birthday Celebrant's? 

For our topic we discussed and learn to build tarpaulin layout and design for double birthday celebration.

It was to very confusing if you are special guest or visitors


Who you greet first between two celebrant's when attending the double birthday celebration

Do don't know which of the two should you greet first, You are trying to avoid negative thoughts between this two so how do you greet them?

Sample Tarpaulin Design Dual Birthday Celebration

'It is much formal and nice to hear if you greet them both"
Don't! greet based who is much older among the two, a Simple Happy Birthday both of you or Happy Birthday to each of you was nice and formal to hear.

Between those two who celebrates Double Birthday always understands the guest who greeted both of you first. 

It is not much big deal if you greeted last.

Spiderman and Disney Princess Double Birthday Invitation Template

Just remember it's your day and make your days become memorable with happy moments.

Preparing Double birthday party

Father and Son Double birthday Tarpaulin

People always looking for a great way to save every piece of money is very important to us.

Having money in our pocket can save us from sudden expenses because we know how hard to earn those money.

So many birthday celebrant's go for double birthday celebration.

Each of their money joined together for contribution to be used in expensing for their upcoming birthday.

Sometimes if the other celebrant doesn't have money the one will suffer all those expenses to make both of them happy.

Many aspects should be considered 
in preparing double birthday party.

In preparing double birthday party 

🔥 The Venue of the event is the biggest problem?

✅ If you are event organizer you must considered if both of the celebrant guest will be fit to their chosen venue. 
✅ The venue must be well ventilated, relaxing and good ambiance.
✅ Each of those two has different numbers of visitors to come so you must prepare a right venue that can accommodate large number of guest and visitors.
✅ Proceed and contact the celebrant as soon as possible if you see some big problem that possibly came to avoid unnecessary things might happen in the venue during the occasion occurred.
✅ Suggest possible  solutions and how do you overcome those problems also to build good relationships with your clients. 

🔥 Having Double birthday party the issue of the Food is another biggest problem.
✅ Foods and drinks must be prepared based on the number of visitors that might came and not on the amount of food you serve to every each of your visitors.

✅ Avoid Food shortage and make your visitors filled up with food that they loved to eat.

✅ Many different one stop party shop offers their services for per package basis mean number of expected visitors came and not on the food amount that each individual consumed.

A double birthday celebration with expected guest of 100 visitors means you must pay all 100 persons  visitors like parents of celebrants, female guest, 2 years old, or a 80th person 

🔥 Parking It is much important that both of their  guest has special parking space for their visitors comfortably secure.

This are some ways to prepare double birthday.

Today here are my past layout design with dual Birthday and at the same time christening of those two brother and sisters.

One the left part of the design the client wants for her son with a spider man themes on it. it's her 7th Birthday and at the same time 

Christening of this child, yeah that's right it is very rear condition to have a client with this situation but we must understand their situation in life.

By the way in Spiderman layout I used a single Spiderman background with sky blue color same as the dress of his son.

Meanwhile on the right side of the design i used a pinkish hello kitty background for the girl celebrant the client want's this layout and i
 must follow their direction very carefully.

In Spiderman layout i used two photos of the male celebrant one is gonna be big and one is rectangular in shape, meanwhile on the other side of the design i used a floral circular layout for a female celebrant served as a frame for photos.

This two combination of design looks great when done in printing.

I used a provided size that the client gave to us which is 3 feet in width by 2 feet in Height, 

A very simple size for a very simple celebration event for this two brothers and sisters.

This is how I make this Sample  tarpaulin designs for Dual Birthday / Double Birthday.

Dual Birthday Sample Tarpaulin for Christening

Fairy Tarpaulin Layout for Double Christening Celebration

Here is another sample dual Birthday Tarpaulin for Christening with fairy designs that i make you may click the link here to view more about this designs.

Double Celebration Invitation Design

Digital Layout for Christening Birthday Party Event

This template makes it easy to invite a couple to celebrate their special day.

The Double Celebration Layout is an elegant and very versatile invitation template. It is suitable for any celebrations, such as birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings.

Our double celebration design is an invitation with a layout that is specially designed for important occasions. You can also use it as a thank you or congratulations card.

Celebrate with your family with these colorful double celebration layouts.

These designs are suitable for birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions.

Double Birthday Tarp

Disney Princess Double Birthday Party Banner Design

If your looking for a cute themes for double birthday you should try to look this designs in order for you to have an ideas in making your first ever Double birthday tarpaulin designs with Disney Princes Themes.

One of the best and amazing designs and layout that you see is in this blog you should explore for more designs that I make

 I hope you guy's enjoy and like my past design with Spiderman and Hello kitty design and i hope you'll get an ideas from my sample. 

See you next time for more of design that I will release this following days.

Have a happy celebration to all and have a nice day to everyone out there.


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