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Very Simple Carnival Photo booth layout for Birthday and Christening

Pastle Carnival / Circus Photo booth layout for First Birthday


Planning a circus-themed birthday party?

Check out these affordable fun and creative photo booth layout ideas and downloadable templates to make your party unforgettable.

Best and Perfect color combination for Circus / Carnival photo booth template.

Used Red and Yellow color combination for young boy celebrants while for the your girls celebrants you may choose to have a pastel color combination for young girls celebrants.

Circus Photo booth Template

Circus / Carnival Editable Photo booth Layout $3 USD
Specification (3 Shots, Carnival Circus Themes, Red, .PSD format)
Make your child's birthday party a memorable event with circus-themed ideas like a photo booth, circus-themed layout, and downloadable pintables. 

Get all the tips and tricks to plan the best circus birthday party for your Childs very specials day.

Add some extra fun with circus-themed photo booth props and backdrops.

Browse our layout designs and download free circus-themed printable for your event.

Sample Photo Booth Design Circus

Today Here i make a cute and unique design for photo booth for double birthday with circus designs

➡️ From this circus photo booth template you will see that from in here you will notice that i used a stripe pink and white color combination served as a background for this photo souvenir because our celebrants was a double birthday celebration of real sister in life.

➡️ You will notice also that i used a decorative banner streamers to add more design to this template while for the frame a circus tent design that was placed on the top of every each of the frame that was perfectly match to the desire themes that our clients selected. 

That's really unique isn't it.

➡️ The photos of the both celebrants will placed on different both edges to show who are the celebrants is.

➡️ A decorative pink and white pattern was attached to the lower part of the design that gives a border effect to this circus photo booth layout.

➡️ For the font here I choose to have a very simple and font with pink color and I add a white strokes on it to be more readable and lastly here I add a marry go round clipart on both sides in other part of the world the called it the carousel.

➡️ This circus photo booth template was originally made with 6 inches in wide by 4 inches in height suitable for a very simple occasion with 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB it was nice to have this very simple photo booth layout for photo souvenir for your guest or visitors.

➡️ In the past having a circus in one country makes all people happy, it is a kind of entertainment theater at that time because you can watch most of amazing actual human and animals performed at that stage.

Most of the popular stage performance was a lion leafing on a circular flame, an elephants stand on the ball, acrobatic performance and some of amazing magic.

Sample Circus with Sesame Street Photo booth layout for Birthday

Circus / Carnival Editable Photo booth Layout $3 USD
Specification (4 Shots, Carnival Circus Themes, .PSD format)

Most circus have different booth to choose from some of the most popular booth are horror house, the fortune teller for females the wheel of death which men trown knife in his partner in wheel and some of this booth are for prize like duck hunt which you have guns and take a nice shoot to duck toys which you win instant toy and color game which you bet a certain amount on one particular color and you win the tipple amount that you bet.

Circus Photo booth Layout

Some of the booth are not for only for fun rides, most of the booth in circus are for food lovers like cotton candy booth , hot dog booth ,  ice cream booth, So they enjoy rides while having foods in their stomach . 

 Some booth in circus are like to ride caterpillar, The Ferris wheel  and the most famous  of all circus rides is the carousel.

There are certain anime that I've watch since I was a child a detective case which the suspect kills the victim using string and gymnastics skills in the Carnival 
Here is my sample design for photo booth layout with circus in themes, in this design i make it very cute and feminine in look which i male the background color looks pinkish white in design i also put a photo at the top part of each both side of the celebrants with a cute carousel, in this sample design i also include a banderitas banner to male it look feast and happy in design.

For the top part of the photo i used a tent for the frame photo picture. 

Circus Photo Album Designs Template

If your looking for other designs of circus or carousel designs for birthday maybe this Circus Photo Album template might help you to get more ideas in creating your personalized Circus template.

More inspiring Circus designs you may found in here

Circus Template for Birthday

i hope you guys like my sample photo booth design for double birthday celebrants and i hope you get an ideas from my sample so please keep supporting this site it will help more peoples all over the world
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