Inspiring Minnie Mouse Cake and Cupcake Design

Sample Cake Topper Minnie Mouse Design

    Welcome to blog site where you find and get different themes and layout here, this is the first web blog that provides all people whole over the world different layout for different events which you might need in your project, events, schools, and business and mostly in occasion.

        This blog contains that might help you in your business; today here are my sample layout for cupcake topper.

Cupcake topper is usually placed in the top of the cupcake to add design on it, it was usually printed in photo paper which is the size if 2.3 to 2.5 inches square.

Today here is my sample design of a cupcake topped with Minnie Mouse themes on it. Here I place and put the name of the birthday celebrant and the age of the birthday celebrant to the Cupcake topper design together with a Minnie Mouse logo and here that I applied in Cupcake it was a circular floral design on it, It was nice and cute to see this design when you applied it on a cake topper.

       Most of the design I make especially in making a cup cake topper where unique design. If you’re planning to make a cupcake design for your cupcake just make a standard size on it with a 2.3 by 2.3 inches or 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Cupcake Topper Design Minnie Mouse

          In my sample layout you notice that there was a Pinkish Minnie mouse background at the circular design I placed those design to look good and cute, I also download and place a pink circular ribbon served as a frame for the design and just make sure you going to make your layout at 300 resolution on it to be more good so it does not become pix elated.

Applied Cake and Topper Design in the Event

    Always remember in making your own cupcake design just stay focus on the color themes that your client want to make them happy.

Always give importance to the details, the name and the age of the birthday celebrant is also important, always include the date if necessarily, suggest the best design and layout the outcome to your client it gives your client a idea the outcome. 

This simple tips will guide to you be success in making a cupcake business.

    If you like this layout please e-mail us and leave a comment down below, we will response as soon as I read those messages immediately.

Make your child and son be star send us a sample picture, themes and motif that you want details of the event and sizes whether if it is for cake tarpaulin cupcake and business or logo and I will make a sample design exclusively for you.

          I hope you guys like my sample cupcake design that I make and I hope you’ll get a new ideas from this sample, see you next time guys for more of our layout and we will post up in here for more of our sample design that I make.

See you next time! guys and have a nice day to everyone out there, Happy business to everyone and happy events, 

God bless and good bye see you next time and bye.

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