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Seventh Birthday Cinderella Invitation

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

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Cinderella Birthday Tarpaulin

Facts about Cinderella

In the late 60’s to 80’s children loves to read books Most of the kids in that time has a bookworm attitude.

They want to gain and acquired knowledge so they keep reading and But mostly some kids loves to read fairy tale stories before going to sleep.

Different kinds of fairy tale books was sold to every country.

Bonding between parents and her children in a simple bedtime stories until their children felt asleep is one awesome things that disappeared but time has change and everyone has change.

Bonding between parents and their children is the strongest foundation of the family so give the best make your children’s memory become remarkable until they grow.

When I was young I love to read fable book stories where the main characters was all about animals and you can get a moral lesson’s in the end of the story.

but I inspired one of Grimm Fairy-tale story which is Cinderella

Cinderella is very famous all over the world with his unique sad life stories and become beautiful princess that most female kids loves Cinderella so much. 

A very simple girl that was adopted by her aunt and made him a maid to served his aunt and two step sister.

With his fairy grandmother they gave him a pair of magical glass shoe and transform’s her to a very beautiful princess that catches the eye and heart of the prince but this effect was suitable only within 12 in the midnight. 

Cinderella is  the only Princess that can talk to animals so that's why she had very special talent with some others princess that you've known.

The fairy godmother gave him a pair of shoes and turns him to a gorgeous princess with his fairy godmother's powers her two friend mouse turns a white gorgeous horse and the pumpkin turns into a nice and beautiful golden carriage and when the dance ball started the Prince focus her eyes on Cinderella and keep loving him.

So this is how the story goes in the tale of Cinderella and her magical shoes.

Cinderella Invitation design template

How to create Seventh Birthday Invitation Cinderella

Here i make a two different invitation design with same motif and themes for invitation design.

Since we choose to have Cinderella as a birthday themes for our invitation I decided to relate the invitation layouts to our chosen themes.

For the invitation page designs here is what we need:

➡️ Background - We choose a blueish romantic midnight since that Cinderella remarkable story.

➡️ Castle - Were the great celebrations that the kings setup for the young prince to meet his future princess.

➡️ Golden Carriage - Where two mice transformed into beautiful white horse and a pumpkins turns into an elegant golden Carriage. 

Here i make a romantic bluish black background with midnight scenes and i also put a castle in this invitation, i also put a golden carriage in this invitation and a adorable photo of the birthday celebrant.

In the second layout here i put all the name's of the birthday celebrant participants in this elegant occasion.

You also notice here i put a glass shoe that the remarkable logo of Cinderella in her story.

So i hope you like my sample invitation of Cinderella and see you next time guys for more of my sample design.

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