The Peanut - Snoopy sample photo booth layout for First Birthday

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Peanut - Snoopy Sample Photo Booth Design

To all dear followers who keep supporting and to all the new visitors who has time to visit this site i should like to thanks each one of you. 

Today i have created a very special photo booth layout with Snoopy themes, by the way Snoopy is an old classic character and one of the most famous character in animated cartoon in the history.

Snoopy is is a character that was first lunch in newspaper in New York you'll see them in cartoon area in the newspaper page, in time goes by many movie maker director make a movie of Snoopy, Snoopy is a white dog it is more popular because of his big head small eyes and large ears.

In this sample photo booth snoopy design, we get the most cutest and adorable photo of the birthday celebrants.

The best things to do when you make a photo booth layout design is to get a good quality of the photo of the birthday celebrant choosing photo is most essential factor in design it was easily for to make a layout.

Color combination makes the layout look good, in this sample snoopy design we make a blue white black color combination to it.

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