Best Tips from Expert: Learn to Build IRONMAN Tarpaulin for Birthday

Ironman Standee for First Birthday

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Thanks' guys for keep supporting to our first ever  blogsite where you can find all collection of layout and design that suit's in your event occasion need.

In the past week most of my post design focus on girl themes sample layout design but today i have special post design for the boy's concept it's the Ironman birthday party themes.

IRONMAN was first popular in the comic book that lunches by Marvel super hero in the late 90's.

Many kids from the late 90's was known all about ironman.

Ironman concept was that there was a mechanical scientist who made a special suit that has great power in atom that this atom was compress and combine it with his powerful suit.

This suit was used in war to gain peace in the world and to protect all people.

Ironman was first know as WAR MACHINE this machine was not kind of machine its a suit made from iron that combine with atom particles that made him fly, punch strong and have a laser on his hands, it was very popular at that time.

Until now this year ironman keep evolving and evolving so that is why many sample layout design that spread, mugs, shirt, bags, books, pens, etc. are lunch with ironman themes.

Today many party events and occasion even cosplay where ironman themes on it.

If you don't have a nice picture of the birthday celebrant you can use your phone to capture picture of the celebrant well its ok to make layout by using phone images but if you want a high quality of tarpaulin design you can go to the near photo studio to get picture to make your layout become more details.

How to create Ironman Seventh Birthday Tarpaulin Layout Design


Here is my sample layout ironman themes in design it is commonly made with a size of 4 feet in width by 3 feet in height with a resolution of 72 pixel.

Here I used a 4 photos of the birthday celebrant that the parents of the celebrant's provided.

You will also see that i placed the logo of Ironman on the lower right side of this tarpaulin design.

Here I also download the Ironman wallpaper HD (High Definition) wallpaper image in the browser to be my main background of the layout that I was working on.

You will also see and notice that I used a high technology circuit image that was placed on the top part of this tarpaulin layout and blend it well using eraser tools on my photo editing software called Adobe Photoshop.

For the font I download and install a readable bold font and set the color into red and add golden yellow strokes that perfectly blends and matches to the Ironman costumes, choosing and selecting a proper color combination is one main key to have a better seventh birthday tarpaulin layout design.

Lastly you will see that on the lower portion of this Seventh birthday tarpaulin layout you will notice a red swoosh design, this served to be my boarders.

I hope you like our sample design ironman theme template for the day, and if you want to use this template design for tarpaulin for your event please send us an e-mail we will response immediately as soon as we read your mail.

Please don't forget to include the picture details and other information of the celebrant name, age and date of the event.

I hope you guys like may sample layout see you next time guy's.

If you have any questions you can freely send e-mail or leave a comment here down and also don't forget to follow us on our first ever site where you can get ideas themes and layout for your event, god bless and have a happy event to all of you.

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