Why Minions So Popular for Birthday Themes

Minions Birthday Layout Design

Why minions loves banana?

When you first watch the first movie episodes of Despicable Me, the minions come out of the ocean they look like yellow bacteria that form the brain's hands and feet.

They ascend to the ocean and to the land they inhabit it is during the dinosaurs and prehistoric era.

They found a banana tree and ate it and that was their food.

Maybe because of the yellow color they are and that is why minions loves to eat banana.

We can also say that why minions love banana is for the young viewers of this movie.

The creators of movies probably think bananas should eat children like minions because bananas are rich in Vitamin C, Fiber and Carbohydrates that children need.

We can also imagine that why minions love bananas is just because the bananas are their favorite food.

If the caterpillar loves to eat leaves and the rabbit loves to eat carrots its creator might think that minions also have a favorite food that can be trademarked to the mind of the movie's audience.

Why Minions are so Popular?

Minions are popular for many things.

Minions because 3D characters are fun even if they don't understand their words or language so much that they speak you can understand it in their facial expressions.

Adults and children enjoy watching the minions because they are able to enjoy their fun.

One of the reasons why minions are so popular with children is because they are easy to draw and color.

Minions are also popular when it comes to various merchandise products that go out on the market, they are faster to buy than boys and when it comes to toys they are easy to collect.

There are three of the most popular minions Bob, Stuart and Kevin.

They are the three most known minions of children with different personality, appearance and identity

Here are some 4 main reasons why minions are so very popular in birthday themes.

1.) Minions are so popular in birthday party as a birthday themes because this themes was used in both male and female celebrants gender.

Because Minions are unisexual birthday themes it can be used in both gender unlike

Spiderman birthday themes, Superman birthday themes, Captain America birthday themes, Disney Cars birthday themes, Toy Story birthday themes , Cowboy birthday themes etc.

These birthday themes can only be used by young boy celebrants while

Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Fairy are some of example birthday themes for young girl celebrants.


2.) If you look for decoration for your birthday party events This birthday themes are not hard to find. It was easier for you to provide the materials and equipment that you need on your birthday party event.

3.) It was easier for you to choose and pick souvenir for your guest and visitors no gender selection needed because like i said before Minions birthday themes are unisex.

4.) Choosing a birthday setup was easier because all you need to look for is a birthday setup with blue and yellow color inspired.


1. Minion loves banana is just because maybe the creator of the movie thinks that kids should need to eat banana. And thinks that kids loves banana so much like minions, this movies was dedicated to children in this millennial era.

2.Why Minions are so popular because they have different sense of humor that gives smile to everyone that watches those movie.

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