Best ever Pokemon Birthday Party Themes: Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Birthday Themes

Pokemon Sample Layout

Welcome back guys to our Layout site where you can get new ideas from your project especially in making tarpaulin, invitation, standee and etc.

Today I've created a new layout sample for tarpaulin a Pokemon sample layout design, it was popular in late 90's where everyone wants to collect 151 of Pokemon in the list. 

Most collector collects action figure of this 151 Pokemon some of them are video games where the objective of the game is Ash the player travel and collects all of them.

In this Sample layout I've created a 3 feet by 4 feet or 36 inches by 48 inches special Tarpaulin design for Pokemon theme for Prince 7th Birthday.

I put all the main character in this tarpaulin together i put all the color combination of that Pokemon Ball has and i also put a outer glow to every one of the character in this sample Layout.

Best Tips for Pokemon Birthday Tarpaulin

Pokemon First Birthday Tarpaulin Layout

If you need a perfect tips to build your personalized Polemon tarpaulin design first things you need considered is the proper color themes color combination that you should used.

Based on the selected birthday party themes you can easily pick up a proper color combination for your birthday.

I hope you can get a new ideas from it and i hope you'll be back to our blog site where you can get a new ideas from our sample layout design.

If you have any question you can freely leave a comment down below or you can send e-mail from me.

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Pokemon Photo booth layout for Double Birthday Celebration

How to Create Pokemon Photo booth layout for double birthday celebration

Creating a Pokémon-themed photo booth layout for a double birthday celebration can be a fun and exciting project! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose a Pokémon Theme: Decide on a specific Pokémon theme or generation that you want to incorporate into your photo booth layout. For example, you could focus on the original 150 Pokémon or select a specific region like Kanto or Johto.

  2. Plan the Backdrop: Create a vibrant backdrop that represents the chosen Pokémon theme. You could use large printed images of Pokémon characters, or create a mural by hand using poster boards and colorful craft supplies. Consider adding elements like Poké Balls, Pikachu, or other iconic Pokémon symbols.

  3. Set Up Props: Collect and arrange Pokémon-themed props for party guests to use in their photos. These could include Pokémon hats, masks, capes, plush toys, or cardboard cutouts of Pokémon characters. You can also provide props related to a specific Pokémon type, like water-themed props for a Water-type Pokémon party.

  4. Design Photo Frames: Create custom photo frames with Pokémon designs to add a special touch to the pictures. Use a graphic design software or online tools to design frames featuring Pokémon characters, Poké Balls, or Pokémon-themed borders. Print and cut out the frames, leaving a space in the middle for guests to place their faces.

  5. Include Pokémon Accessories: Display Pokémon accessories like Pokémon Trainer hats, gloves, or scarves that guests can wear while posing for their photos. These items can add an extra layer of fun and help guests immerse themselves in the Pokémon world.

  6. Decorate the Surrounding Area: Extend the Pokémon theme to the surrounding area of the photo booth. Hang Pokémon banners, use Pokémon tablecloths, and place Pokémon-themed props or figurines nearby to create an immersive atmosphere.

  7. Provide Lighting: Ensure the photo booth area is well-lit to capture the best photos. Use additional lighting sources such as string lights, LED lights, or portable studio lights to enhance the overall appearance of the booth.

  8. Add Pokémon Sound Effects: Consider playing Pokémon theme songs or sound effects in the background to enhance the Pokémon experience and create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Remember to have a camera or smartphone ready for guests to take their photos. You can also set up a printer or provide instructions on how to access the photos digitally after the party.

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