Sample Layout Double Birthday

Standee Sample Tarpaulin Design for Double Birthday Disney Princess

How to make Disney Princess Double Birthday Tarpaulin (Standee)

Making a tarpaulin with double birthday celebrants is the easiest and convenient way to save money for a certain events.

You can save money in making this kind of tarpaulin layout if you have relatives or friends with a birthday celebration with that particular date.

Today here we discussed and share to you How to make this Standee tarpaulin designs for double birthday with Disney Princess themes design.

✅ Here we set the proper size that the clients wants to have for this tarpaulin Standee, 5 feet in height by 2 feet in width.

Now we clarify the size then we must set up the proper resolution for this tarpaulin which ranges from 70 to 100 with a color mode of CMYK it’s up to you.

✅ Use the photos of the birthday celebrants that the clients provided you erase excess background using eraser tools.

For shortcut press
Ctrl + E

Enlarge or resize your eraser tool using + signs or – signs and change its hardness depending on the area that you want to erase


You can erase the background using pen tool
Press P for Shortcut
Adjust the hardness or feather

✅ You will see that I used two different background images for this layout light and bluish color with castle on the top part and pinkish abstract designs on the lower part.

✅ I used a floral images served as label replacement, Floral clip art images is one factor you can add to your working double birthday tarpaulin to make it more beautiful.

✅ It is OK! to use different colors for the font as long as it was readable to read by the audience.

You can Download many of your desire fonts for free in the web, After the Download you can simply unzip the folder and installed the fonts directly to your computer.

✅ Download the character themes based on your client chosen themes then add to your double birthday layout.

Since we used Disney Princess for this Standee tarpaulin we downloaded those characters and put it below of this layout to complete this standee tarpaulin designs for Double Birthday Celebration.

Mobile Legends Tarpaulin Banner for Twins

Things you should considered before printing your personalized Standee tarpaulin designs

❗ Always Check the size and resolution, Just make sure that the layout was in proper size and shape to have better output.

To check ✔
In your Adobe Photoshop Application


Edit -> Image Size to Change the resolution and Both Height and Width Simultaneously.
To change specific Height or Width


Edit -> Canvas Size

This are some basic methods on How to make this Standee tarpaulin designs for double birthday with Disney Princess themes design

Disney Princess Design for Birthday of Twins

Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you need to pay for Standee Tarpaulin for Double Birthday with Disney Princess Designs?

The same price as normal tarpaulin designs and it was compute based on price per square feet.

2 feet by 5 feet Double Birthday standee tarpaulin with Disney Princess designs 
$1 Usd =50
2x5x13 = Total Cost
(13 price per square feet)

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