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Barbie Seventh Birthday Invitation Design Layout

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Today our client wants a seventh birthday invitation layout with a Barbie theme.

Here is my finish invitation layout of Barbie it's Judea Rosh 7th birthday.

✅ We put a color pink in it because the primary / main color of Barbie was pinkish in color.

✅ Also same color as do with the celebrants name But I add white thin strokes to make it more readable by the audience.

✅ For the lower Boarder I add pinkish color with different floral images clipart to add more uniqueness to this Seventh birthday invitation design.

✅ Adding a pink wallpaper images to complete the design and we i put a white stars in it because Barbie was a super star in terms of dolls.

✅ You will also notice that I include to have a purple galaxy designs underneath to the celebrants main photos that the client choose.

✅ By the way this a a Seventh birthday Barbie invitation layout composed with 300 RGB 8 bit resolutions with the height of 5 inches by 7 inches in width.

This layout design of Barbie was so very feminine in look.

Barbie doll is very popular to most girls kids and everybody loves Barbie.

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Barbie Seventh Birthday Invitation Layout

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most affordable Barbie birthday gift you need to provide for celebrants Seventh Birthday?

Since we all grow up it’s time to make advance and steps to our next path of life well one of the most affordable Barbie birthday gift that I recommend was to have a Barbie watches for celebrants.

Watch is one of ideal birthday gift that I recommend mostly some kids wasted their time to play and do nonsense things in life so tell them that it is the right time to evolve themselves and do interesting things in life so you do not want to waste it as message.

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Ideal Barbie Invitation for 7th birthday
Best Barbie Invitation for 7th birthday

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