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First Birthday Invitation Mickey Mouse Design

How to create your personalized Mickey Mouse Invitation for Free?

If you don't have any talent of designing here I want to teach you on how to create your personalized mickey mouse invitation for free.

Well there are lots of free editable mickey mouse birthday invitation design that spread through the internet.

In reality most of this sites was hard to used and sometimes they are not for free like they said.

Mostly all of the designs you may found in here are originally made by myself and other people whose interested in this birthday invitations they grab and get this sample and posted it as they think that they created it.

Sometimes when you browse to the search engine there are lots of sites telling that they have a free editable mickey mouse birthday invitation but actually it was easy to made rather than thrusting those site.

So lets start creating an invitation wording, always be sure that your wording are correct, straight to the point and precise so that there are no confused should be made.

You can add some vicinity map for your personalized mickey mouse invitation if you want to to guide your guest and visitors where they are going to.
You can grab and look for some other example design that you may like to have a reference in your personalized invitation templates.

You can search for free printable mickey mouse 1st birthday invitations, Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday or free printable Mickey Mouse 1st birthday invitation you can mixed those ideas that you search and form a new and unique free personalized mickey mouse invitation.
Today we gonna post a special layout for invitation sample layout design with mickey mouse theme's.

Here are my sample 4 R size with 6 inches width by 4 inches in height with 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB.

In this sample invitation design here i used a two color combination the black and red.

I set this two color combination as my color themes in creating this  unique first birthday mickey mouse invitation.

Having a color themes makes it easier for you to developed your personalized invitation.

In this template here i put four photos of the birthday celebrant two at the bottom and two at the top.

I used a mickey mouse logo to be the frame of the details.

For the background here i used a polka dot white at the lower part and wavy red and white at the top part, here i also used a yellow font with red strokes for the details and name of the birthday celebrants.  

To create your own free printable mickey mouse 1st birthday invitation then you should followed this step you need to have a good quality of photos of the celebrant good quality is qualified for great output always remember that it was easy for you to edit when you have a high quality of images.

You can download some pattern that you may used in your design like the examples that i made here i include to have a red zigzag pattern design served as a background invitation here you also notice that i include a white polka dot pattern that i placed on the lower part of the design.

You can also download Mickey Mouse character that you may used to add more design and details to your birthday invitation don't worry its absolutely free to download, to get those images you can go to search engine and download your desire images that you prepared to include to your design.

Mickey Mouse Invitation for Christening and First Birthday

Easiest way to Create Mickey Mouse Invitation for Birthday

Maybe many of us today are looking for the easiest and fastest way how we can make an invitation for Birthday.

Even professional layouts and graphic artists are still looking for different ways how to do this

Today I will teach you the
Easiest way to Create Mickey Mouse Invitation for 1st Birthday

Notice the two photos above.

You can see that these two invitation layouts are almost identical but they only differ in the photos of the celebrants, event details, names of the celebrants and colors used in making

Mickey Mouse First Birthday Invitation

Mickey mouse invitation for 1st Birthday

Rebuild design is the process I used for this to save me time, effort and fatigue.

I used my old design to create a new and unique Mickey Mouse invitation for 1st Birthday.

No need to find the font style, font color, and other decorative images I used in my previous layout and I just changed the background and some font style to come up with a new Mickey Mouse Invitation template.

Facts about Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular cartoon character until now with his cute ears and white gloves.

If you notice The Walt Disney company's logos was based on Mickey Mouse Ears.

Every Year Millions of Dollars earned due to different Mickey Mouse merchandise

Most of their viewers came from all over the world with ages 12 years old and below.

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✔ What was the Ideal Paper Orientation in creating your Personalized  First Birthday Mickey Mouse invitation.

✔ What kind of photo paper is recommended  in creating your first birthday invitation.


✔ Many people choose to have horizontal invitation orientation because it was fit to any simple envelope but actually any paper orientation is better as long as your invitation is readable and easy to understand by your invited guest and visitors.

✔ For me the Matte paper it gives a roughly texture and make your invitation last longer without fading, But if you want a shiny looks First Birthday invitation then you should choose to have a Glossy photo paper for your printer.

I hope you like our First Birthday Mickey Mouse invitation design and please support our blog site to  further more layout's to come.   

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