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Hello Kitty Tarpaulin Templates for Birthday

Everybody knows Hello Kitty so that today here I made a new layout for Hello Kitty themes and I hope you like it.

✅ This is a tarpaulin layout with Hello Kitty themes with a size of 3 feet in width and 4 feet in height or 36 inches by 48 inches with a resolution of 90 CMYK, it is the standard size of the tarpaulin design for birthday event

✅ In this layout I put all the pictures that the client gave to me and make a clipping mask of circle and put the photos of the celebrants in the center and you can download the stripe white and pink for the background of your template on google and some .png files hello kitty design on google.

✅ I use a light heart shape design to be the border at the top part of the design layout where a combination of pink and fuchsia pink heart on the lower part of the template.

✅ Adding a scalloped border to a template adds more uniqueness and creativity in your tarpaulin so you better choose the right color themes when you want to have a border design.

✅ Always remember to choose the color that was related to the color of the main character.

For example hello kitty design
You will notice that Hello Kitty wearing pink suits and this color was I used in the lower left part of this template you could choose to have a pink, hot pink and white color as combination.

Top color that mostly used in building Hello Kitty Tarpaulin Design 

Very cute Pink Hello Kitty Tarpaulin layout for Christening

Here I listed this top 5 most commonly used color in building your personalized Hello Kitty tarpaulin for birthday. 

I hope this basic color will help you to easily create and personalized your Hello Kitty birthday tarp.

1. Pink

2. Fuchsia Pink

3. White

4. Blue

5. Yellow Green

Adding Hello Kitty Stuff toys to your Tarpaulin Layout

Hello Kitty Tarpaulin Layout Design for First Birthday

In the sample above here is my unique style of creating tarpaulin layout with Hello kitty themes for Birthday.

You will see that here I used to include a Hello kitty stuff toys to add more creative design to this Hello Kitty tarp.

It is my new original way of creating and developing tarp design that I enhanced these months.

I started to make this kind of layout since the parents of the celebrants posted to social media that both of them where looking for a unique Hello Kitty Tarpaulin for their daughter’s birthday.

Sometimes they triple the payment if both of them satisfied with the design and they also both agreed to give $100 USD (US Dollar) as a price for someone who their choose as the winner.

They intended to help layout artist to have funds for their work so I decided to join and grab this once in a lifetime contest.

So I get all the information and photos of the celebrants that they provided.

First I decided to look in the web for reference and grab those ideas and include for my original artwork, then I look all my past designs and grab some of useful ideas that include in the design, but suddenly I realized that it was no difference from the others and just started to quit.

In the next morning when a visit a shopping mall I looking for a materials for my latest client a saw a very cute child holding Hello Kitty Stuff toys.

My eyes and attention was totally focus on this cute little child

Then suddenly this ideas was pop-out to my mind that I need to apply this ideas my Hello Kitty Tarpaulin layout that I working on.

For me it was easier for me to build a new Hello Kitty tarpaulin Layout for the contest because all the ideas are all setup to my mind.

I review all my past work and get some decorative borders and floral corners that used in this hello kitty tarpaulin layout above, Matching color is one you need to considered in building your Tarp layouts for Birthday.

You will also see that I used all the photos of the celebrants that the parents provided.

And lastly I double check my Hello kitty tarp layout if it is in proper size, spelled and resolution I also check if it is in a right color mode so that it print more clearly before submitting the layouts to the parents of the celebrants.

The parents of the celebrants where totally shock when they see my work but unfortunately they told to me that those contest where valid on that particular day only, So both of them glad to give me $50 USD and 64 Giga byte Storage as a rewards.

My Lesson in life is not to quit, you need to relax your body and mind to think more there is a reward in every hard work and you can get more ideas and apply it your future project.

So I hope you like this Hello Kitty Stuff toys tarpaulin layout design.

Please give as a comment if you like my work above for any suggestion you can freely write in the comment below or  you can simply email us that you may seen on the contact pages.

Best Collection of Hello Kitty Templates for Birthday

Unique First Birthday Tarpaulin Hello Kitty Design

Useful collection of Hello Kitty Tarpaulin Layout and Design Template for birthday and Christening

About Hello Kitty

In the late 1962 a Japanese merchandiser Shintaro Tsuji founder of Sanrio Company start selling sandals with cute design on it, as a result the market of this sandals got high so he hired graphic artist to put cute characters in that sandals and then they developed Hello Kitty.

As you can see, more of our sample design of Hello Kitty on the main page because it was one of the most selected themes design that here and published, you can also click the label on the right side of the page to see more designs.

Well guys I hope you like this sample Hello Kitty tarpaulin for first birthday and i hope you'll grab and get some of ideas and design that randomly released this following days.

So guy's stay tuned to our get layout  site for more layout ideas that you may used in creating your personalized first birthday tarpaulin design.

Have a nice day to every one,

See you next time. 

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