Carousel Photobooth layout for 7th birthday


Carousel Photobooth layout for 7th Birthday

This vibrant birthday-themed photo collage template features a delightful blend of pastel colors and whimsical elements, perfect for a delightful and enchanting celebration. The main canvas is adorned with illustrations of a dreamy carnival setting, complete with a charming carousel with colorful, prancing unicorns, a towering fairytale castle, and cheerful carnival tents.

At the top of the collage, large, playful letters spell out "Thank you for coming," set against a soft gradient background of pinks, blues, and yellows. The entire frame is sprinkled with cute flower graphics in shades of pink, blue, and purple, enhancing the festive feel.

There are four blank sections framed with decorative borders made of flowers for adding photos or messages, and an additional space at the bottom right that showcases a young girl in a beautiful, vibrant coral dress adorned with floral appliques and sparkling details. Her hair is styled elegantly with a shiny, jeweled headband, and she strikes a charming pose that adds to the joyful atmosphere of the template.

In the bottom right corner, below the girl's photo, the text "Aaliyah Jahnela" in bold pink letters introduces the celebrated child's name, with "Seventh Birthday" in a playful, blue, and white script beneath it. The date "August 2, 2023" is inscribed at the bottom left of the template, marking the special occasion.

Overall, this lively and beautifully crafted template brilliantly captures the essence of a magical, fun-filled seventh birthday celebration, inviting friends and family to share in the joyous memories.

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