Baptismal and 60th Birthday Double Birthday celebration photobooth design


This vibrant collage serves as a heartfelt thank-you for guests attending two special events: Lea's 60th birthday celebration and Sarah-Vue's baptism, both held on August 5, 2023. The border of the collage features an elegant cherry blossom motif, adding a touch of grace and beauty to the composition. 

In the top section of the collage, the words "Thank you for coming" are elegantly inscribed. Lea's section is tastefully labeled "Lea @ 60," and Sarah-Vue’s section is marked with "Sarah-Vue Baptism." The collage is beautifully color-coordinated, featuring dominant pink hues which complement the cherry blossom theme.

On the left, there is a picture of someone wearing a gray top, posing outdoors amidst lush, blooming cherry blossoms. Below this, there is a blank space designated for another image. On the right side, the collage features an image of a baby dressed in a charming white outfit with a pink, patterned skirt, and wearing an adorable headpiece. Below this, there are two more blank spaces intended for additional photographs from the events.

At the bottom right corner, the contact details for "GPhotos," including their phone number, are provided, making it easy for guests to connect with the photographer for more memories from the celebration.

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