Safari Birthday Party Ideas : Ultimate Guide

Sample Safari Birthday Tarpaulin

How to Create Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout

Did you know that Safari is one of the most popular birthday party themes that every parent chooses especially if the birthday celebrants are a male.

This is one of the top 1 Birthday Party themes and will be followed by the following

1. Safari

2. Disney Cars

3. Baby Boss

4. Superman

5. Spongebob Squarepants

6. Spiderman

7. Avengers

8. Batman

9. Mickey Mouse

10.Ben Ten

This is the Top 10 Birthday Party List exclusively for Male celebrants.

The List shows that Safari bithday party themes are the top choice chosen by most.

Safari First Birthday Tarpaulin Design

Due to the unique charisma of Safari, various safari birthday party decorations can be made by professional artists, designers, event coordinators and business owners from

  • Cake
  • Loot box
  • Souvenir
  • Gifts
  • Give away
  • Backdrop
  • Standee
  • Invitation
  • Tarpaulin
  • and much more

As I said earlier today I will teach you to make a Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Design that you can add to decorate your birthday party event.

Step by Step way to Create Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout

Safari Tarpaulin Design

Step 1 Open your photoshop application on your computer device such as laptops and desktop.

If you don't have photoshop yet, you can download it for free in your browser and just search for the portable version.

This is a good application that you should learn to blacken because there is no limit to what you can do to edit photos using only this software.


Safari Tarpaulin for First Birthday


Step 2 correct setup of image size and resolution You can see in our sample safari tarpaulin designs that the quality of the image we made is good, This is because it is setup with the correct size and resolution if you notice why the image I use is good even though I do a lot of design ?.

These are the basic rules, especially if you are going to make a large format birthday tarpaulin design.

Here I use 72 resolution by CMYK color mode and has a size of 60 inches by 36 inches because this is the size my client wants.

If you are going to make an invitation, it must be 300 resolution by RGB color mode and prepared in your size.

This is the right setup and resolution adjustment for making Safari birthday tarpaulin or whatever birthday themes you choose.

Step 3 photos of the celebrants, Yes you should ask for images of the celebrants to be used in Making the birthday tarpaulin.

Much more beautiful so you can choose neat and clear photos of the child.

Remove its background and force to remove objects that should not be included in the images especially if this is the main photos you choose of the child.

Use the head swap or face swap technique to get the child a nice dress especially if the parents do not have the budget to sell the birthday dress.

Like my safari tarp above, I used a face swap on the kid’s costume and I just put the celebrants ’faces on this image and to be realistic I adjusted and I chased the skin color to match the skin tine color of two using Ctrl+L (Level), Ctrl+M (Brightness) and Ctrl+B (Color Management).

Step 4 Proper choice of background to be used is important factor that the designer must consider.

Here you will base all the color combinations that you will use in making the Safari Birthday tarpaulin design.

Your background should be appropriate for the birthday themes you have chosen.

Take a good look at the sample safari birthday tarpaulin above, You can see that I used a blue sky image as a background for it which is appropriate and just right for the theme because the safari refers to the natural form of nature.

Step 5 Use decorations that fit the birthday themes and arrange them based on how you want to position them.

You can see that I made a border at the bottom using the grass image this is a way to make my design unique on each side I put different types of cute animals and I also added a tree as additional design.

For the name frame label a strange hanging wood board signage I put up to get the attention of every person who sees this layout.

Step 6 Learn the correct font style, and font color use blending options that will give life to the font and should be readable.

Some people use artistic font styles when it comes to tarpaulin but this is not recommended.

Do you think if you use a thin and Script font style, you will be able to see and read the name and event details on the tarpaulin, especially if your guest is sitting at the far back.

People with poor eyesight and the elderly also have difficulty reading.

So just choose a font style that suits for the birthday tarpaulin you are making.

These are just some of the step by step tutorials on

How to Create Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout


Latest Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout for First Birthday


Affordable Layouts and Design for First Birthday under $5 : High Quality

DIY Safari Standee for First Birthday

Safari Standee for First Birthday

In additional safari decoration you can also add safari ready to cutout standee

Using Scissors, Cutter, and Glue you can create and build your own life size standee

Animal Costume for Safari Birthday Themes

Safari Birthday Tarpaulin for First Birthday

Not only Zoo Keeper and Lion costumes you can use in Safari birthday themes, Also you can use the ideas of variety of animals be found in the jungle.

Often the prices of this type of costume are really expensive and some parents of the celebrants cannot afford.

So in the sample safari tarpaulin layout design you can see above for the first birthday I did a face swapping process where I replaced any original face with an image and I put the face of the celebrants.

In this process, even though the parents of the celebrants could not afford an expensive costume, I replaced it with joy in the hearts of the parents by face swapping an image and photos of the celebrants so that the child could only wear the costume.

This safari first birthday tarpaulin design is also great and adds an applicable decoration design to your chosen safari birthday themes.

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