Ways to Earn Money ( Complete Guide )

Is it right that we accumulate our income From our hard work?

Actually the right answer is Yes! 

But why do many of us work but have no savings?

This is because their expenses are not calculated so that they reduce their income in other words.

If you are a worker in SM who earns 7,500 pesos per 1/2 month it seems like a large amount if you add it up but your computational should be like this 7,500 pesos / 15 days you will earn 500 pesos per day I will less the expenses you have breakfast, lunch and dinner Let's say it's 150 all and what's left is 350 then you subtract your water and electricity per day Let's say 50 you'll have 300 left and your fare to and from your job is 100 pesos It doesn't matter if you only have 200 left over per day if you take a bath or buy bath soap, shampoo, shoe detergent, condiments, iron your clothes, perfume and other personal hygiene items, what else will you have left? the government deducts from your salary such as SSS, PAGIBIG FUNDS, and other taxes so we are buried in debt.

The estimated salary within 15 days is big in fact but your computation should remain per day in other words

"Don't spend 2 if your income is 1"

Learn to live according to your ability.

Let's apply it to real life For example, you have your own business, you invested $50 and then you earned $100, how much did you earn?

$50! Per day Correct...

But if you eat in the morning it will cost you $10, lunch and afternoon will be $30 Your profit for that day will be $20 right! 

Less personal hygiene such as soap, detergent, perfume, transportation, tax, electricity, water consumption then how many earnings do you have left?

Yes, it is right that we save our income from our hard work if there is something left over, it is better, but with the rise of the inflation rate and the price of goods, we are more and more buried in hardship and not progress in life.

Effective Ways of Saving These are some of the lists for Effective Savings

Cashless Funds is the most popular and trending banking system for everyone. 

Using only your own mobile device and ID, you can register and save money or receive money from other people or receive payment.

Some examples of this are 

ADVANTAGE You can access anytime even if you don't go to ATMs near you. 

DisAdvange It's hard to get your balance, especially if your phone is damaged, stolen or your sim card is permanently damaged. 

Bank One of the popular ways to save money is Saving Money in the bank.

Advantage You can receive large amounts of Money and get large amounts of Money. 

Disadvantage sudden closure of the bank or Bankruptcy,

Piggy Bank you can save at home using this small or large amount you can save

Advantage can be easily accessed anytime

DisAdvange if your house burns down or if your house is robbed.

As of now many of us are trying to search for the fast and effective ways on how to earn money online but most of the websites offers and suggested us different method that most of this sites was very hard to understand and we don't have any ideas regarding to what they are talking about.

We also notice that when we visited those webpage they first say that they have give a free registration or free training to a new and inspiring members.

It was very appealing and veey encouragement to join and to know more about their system and how their system work.

But if you trying to learn more at the end of their webpage stated there that you must need to pay for full course or buy their software that needed to make those things work out properly.

Special thanks to this simple and free blog that I created here i will show you some very simple and practical ways how to earn money you will see some useful links down below of the pages if your using phone while you see the label bar at the right side if your using desktop devices.

So Let's start.

Today here i want to share to you on how you can earn money from dropping URL or drop link

How to earn money from Dropping Link

Dropping Link or Link Dropper is a method of a user where he leaves or drop a specific link to a website, another website, comments, chat or chat group e-mail, Social Media account probably ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tagged etc.) and even text messages.

You will easily notice a drop link because a specific text was color blue in color and when you click it will directly navigate your browser to their Homepage URL.

Hey guys! What's up check this amazing site that I found yesterday, Here I earn $300 USD with just a couple of hours. That's great isn't it. Want to know the secret Click the link below its 100% FREE!!!

You will see and notice this strategy in most forums and comments section of a certain post.

How to earn money from Link Dropping?

Here are the list of possible ways on how to earn money by just dropping link.

1. Linkvertized it is one of the most popular and fast generating source of income using your link. Linkvertized was very popular all over the world because this sites was so legit they paid highly amount to every active member.

You can easily transfer your income using your PayPal account that connected to linkvertized.

2. Tiny URL / Bitly this method is also one of the most trusted ways to generate money online via US, European and Indian Continent.

They used this site to shorten their webpage and it will open a new sites containing ads and with a couple of seconds you can skip those page directly to your desire webpage in this way the person who drop a link earn money that was paid by the advertisers.

3. Request Fund this is another way on how to generate income online by just dropping link.

Now you can received electronic money by just using requesting fund link sometimes you can share those links to your friends, relatives and even sponsors who wants to donate you.

More and more sites offers this great ways to get more funds from other people easily some of this are some of the most popular money related application such as PayPal, Gcash, Paymaya etc.

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