JOB TIPS: 1 way to get HIRED

Best TIPS to get HIRED: Get a 85% Big Chance to get Hired

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Tips to get Hired

This article tackles the best and recommended tips to get your desire position in your company and increase the chance to get hired faster.

Have your own daily ROUTINE! Like this.... 

1. Wake up/ breakfast

2. Spent 30 to 60 minutes of exercise/shower/breakfast

3. Go to a designated work space at home.

4. 90 minutes for Resume and Profile improvement, or keyword enhancement for an online job applications (ATS).

5. 1 hour of social media activity to enhance visibility. Hit (like, comment, share, like comments of others in a meaningful way). Don't comment negatively to others post, If you don't like the post leave it or think positively before you responds to others post.

6. 1 hour lunch break/ family time (bonding). 

7. 2 hours job search online Jobs, Indeed, and other job sites.

8. 1 hour skills improvement Learning, Coursera, Udemy and other online courses.

9. 30 minute walk even at home to relax.

10. 1 hour interview preparation: Try to speak in to the front of mirror and try response to sample interview questions to enhanced your vocal and conversation skills, transferable skills identification, and enhanced your technique.

11. 30-60 minutes of searching activity and online networking.

End of Job Seeking “Work” Day!

As a job seeker,

Job Search is your full-time job until you get one!

The Routine is very essential for EVERYONE.

If you have been laid off, you and I both know that you have amazing skills and experience and your competitive, so don't waste your time lying on your bed watching your favourite television shows or movies, get up and make your day profitable .

Don’t let "disruption" hold you back from SHOWCASING them!

YOU are stronger.

How to ACE that JOB Interview

Anything to add, please? Please let me know drop down comments below.

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