20 Tips for JOB SEEKER

Best Tips for Job Seeker

Get the best tips on how to get a job and earn money. Learn how to interview, land a job, and get paid

Things that job seeker must know

After this crisis many people where looking and searching for job that suits to their talent and to their skills, Now! Here’s how to get one:

1. Have a LinkedIn Profile that makes you stand out.

LinkedIn is a social media platform sites that most  outstanding companies all over the world have.

Most the user here are highly educated and has great skills and personality that makes the employers empress them.

So be sure to get a free account on LinkedIn

2. Have a resume that focuses on hard skills, transferable skills and achievements.

Don't create a resume that was focus on your personality such as age, nationality, religion, marital status and etc. 

This are not related to your job skills to the position that you are applying for.

3. Have a keyword optimized resume for each online job application (use Tag crowd). For example if your Graphic Artist designer use #layout #arts #creative #design

4. Have a tailored cover email for each resume submitted directly to a recruiter or hiring manager.

Always to check and read emails so you can response those email that came from them.

5. Work with recruiters.

Try to contact your friends if they know a recruiter who can help you to find your desire job.

6. Be researched and prepared for interviews.

Know possible questions the interviewer will ask you, so you can answer their question straight to the point.

7. Don’t fake it in your resume or interviews.

Be practical, honest and sincere

8. Use C.A.R.L. technique for behavioral question responses. 

9. Follow up with a “thank you” after interviews with the interviewer.

10. Dress the part.

Use a proper dress while taking interviews it can add good impressions to the interviewer.

11. It is very important to have a positive positive attitude

12. Don’t trash former employers. 

Sometimes this gives you a stepping stone to have a successful career.

13. Keep searching between interviews.

Read more articles to make sure that you can response the interviewers questions about the positions that you want.

14. Network online.

Add more people or contact that was related to your job description.

15. Contact former colleagues and family.

Sometimes this person will be part of your big success in finding the right position that was suitable to you.

16. Have references on standby. 

17. Know what your salary expectation is.

Don't expect to much high and don't expect to much low based on the company's hiring poster or flyers will be your guide.

18. Be psychologically prepared to hear “no” and face rejection

Sometimes you are over qualified to the interviewer or you didn't meet the interviewers criteria for the role.

19. Take nothing personally.

Don't be afraid of what is happening after the interview.

Be strong and know what is your mistake, review your job results and apply it to your resume.

20. Engage in self-care.

Make Job Search your 9-5 job until you find one.

We are now in a very competitive market.

You and I know that you have incredible skills and experience. 

SHOWCASE them to employers! Link and look for FREE job seeker webinar.

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It's common knowledge that applying for jobs takes a lot of time and it takes even more time to get through the process.

But what if you could learn about job search strategies that would help you find jobs faster?

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