Barbie Design sample Invitation for 7th Birthday

Hello! and Welcome Dear followers and readers welcome once again to this amazing site where tons of design and layout template you can choose from.
First of all i developed this site to help more people in problem with their design all of the people around the world, In here you will see that all the templates are developed all by myself.

Today i have a very special barbie Barbie Seventh birthday design for invitation with two different size 
but same themes and motif.

On the top part of the page here i developed and make a 4R paper size front page sample invitation for 7th birthday with Barbie template.

The reason that the client wants to have a 4R invitation is to print it two times more than the second page so they can give this invitation to a non program participants guest some of them are distributed to friends, the birthday celebrants friends and neighbors.

In this 4R Barbie invitation template here i used a pinkish color with some white star design it was to feminine in look when you use a pink color in this design.

I also used a Floral design boarder at the bottom part of this invitation page to add more design on it and some Barbie Clipart image and for the details of the event here i used a pinkish purple label where the details of the events should be place.

Barbie Seventh Birthday Layout Design for Invitation

free barbie invitation template
Sample Invitation Barbie Design 5R Paper Size

On the second page of the invitation Here i use to make a 5R paper size design with Barbie template together all the participants name in this particular event.

The second reason why the clients wants this kind of design is to print this invitation and gave this to the corresponding participants guest.

In this design here i put different name of the participants in their position of the event to be organized and to determined what kind of event should be their to perform.

Also you will notice that in this design i used same star design and pinkish background same as the first page with 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB it was nice and applicable to use this themes template in a female celebrant with Barbie themes.

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Well This is ONE of the most unique Barbie invitations you will ever see, simple but beautiful Barbie invitations with bright hot pink and solid black colors.

When you say birthday themes, it does not mean that an invitation will literally contain a character.

You can make a Barbie invitation even without a character placed in your template as long as you follow the color motif of a birthday theme or If the celebrants themselves are my brand on the clothing of his chosen birthday themes.

Let's pay close attention to the clothes of the celebrants, you will see the logo of his chosen birthday motif saying that he will have a Barbie birthday party and you are invited to attend.

What is the most color used when creating a Barbie Invitation layout for first Birthday?

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Here are the List of top 5 used color for your personalized Barbie Invitation

5.Fushia Pink

I hope you guys like my seventh birthday invitation with Barbie themes and i hope you get an ideas from our today's topic.
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