Moon fairy Theme sample Tarpaulin Design

Moon fairy tarpaulin layout designs for christening
Moon Fairy Sample Tarpaulin Design

Hello there and good day to all of you dear followers and readers specially to new visitors welcome.

Today i have a very unique pinkish tarpaulin layout just for you with a theme and motif of moon fairy for christening, Yeah! that's right here i make a very special unique design for Christening of a baby girl with a themes of moon fairy.
For intermediate level of using Adobe Photoshop this design are suit to you.

If your client want a unique design for tarpaulin with pinkish layout for Christening this themes and motif is the best design that you can ever made for them.

For as long as i am a graphic artist in my life, I've never seen and made this moon fairy theme in my whole life, so it was hard for me to make a design for this themes.

When i made this layout i can't find any reference from google and other search engine for this motif, but my client wants those themes Moon Fairy so badly because it has a special meaning from them.

In times when her and his husband live in together they had bad luck in gaining a children they all passed out because of childs complications and at the third time they try to make a baby at the age of 42 no one expected that this healthy baby girl comes out.

For some other people they'd called this child a Miracle baby.

No one graphics designer, backdrop artist and event coordinator uses this themes because it was so hard to make.

In this Moon Fairy sample tarpaulin design, I made this a very unique and never been before used theme design for Christening.

Materials that I used in this Moon Fairy Tarpaulin Design for Christening

In this tarpaulin layout design I've download
some to add more decorative design to this tarpaulin.

1. A clipart girl of a girl sleeping on the Moon
a strife pink and light pink background for tarpaulin layout
2. A star
3. A fairy clipart image
4. A circular floral serves as a frames for photos of the birthday celebrants.
5. Floral images
6. Photos of the celebrants
7. Silhouette Castle image
8. Fonts

In this design I've rated this layout as an intermediate level for graphic layout artist because it was hard to construct without any idea you must start it from scratch. This Moon Fairy themes was inspired by a mother who wants a baby and ask a baby on his dream and a Fairy granted his wishes like a falling / shooting Star.

Sometimes most of us wish to a falling / shooting Star when we see one of them, we do this because it's our tradition that we believed.

We don't know if this is true but since when i was a child i always make a wish to falling Stars.

But what if i look for a Moon Fairy in my dreams maybe if i see one of them i wish to become a millionaire nobody knows.

I hope you guys like my sample Moon Fairy sample tarpaulin design for Christening.

I hope you guys come back for more of amazing ideas, themes and template that randomly released this following days.

Make your Child be Star.

Send us your best creative template and design to our official e-mail together with 400 to 500 word description why those design are very special to you all entries will be posted in this first ever layout design.

Problems in making your own design for your Occasional Event?

Don't worry,

We will create your personalized template for low cost send your the photos of the Celebrants, The Details,the Size that you want and the Themes that you like to have.

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