Sample Tarpaulin Layout Design Superman Theme

Create your First Birthday Superman Tarpaulin Layout Design

Sample Layout for Tarpaulin Superman Themes

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Yesterday I've posted a sample invitation layout superman themes for Carl Ivan's first birthday, but now here is my layout sample for Carl Ivan's Sample First Birthday Tarpaulin Layout Design Superman Theme.

This theme was compose for three different cartoon like background of superman that i was downloaded it from google and mixed it to a red like in color.

For this sample Tarpaulin Design Superman theme I also used his logo serves as a label for Carl's age instead of using superman logo on it.

For the font i used airstrike that you may downloaded also in google, and i also put three different picture of Carl's at the bottom of the page.

This sample layout design for Superman Theme was in 4 feet by 6 feet in size or 48 inches by 72 inches  with C M Y K color mode and a resolution of 72.

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