Sofia the First Invitation Layout

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Today here I post my original layout of Sofia the first layout invitation design for birthday.

It has 6 inches in width by 4 inches in height with RGB color mode also with 300 resolution.

It has a cute pink in layout with royal emblem logo of sofia the first at the back of his name.

Sofia the First Invitation for Christening and First Birthday

In this invitation layout you will notice that I include to put a cute two rectangular picture with pink strokes at the bottom of the layout and i also put a cute main photos of the celebrants in the right side part of this Sofia the first invitation templates.

You will also see that I see that I used a disney logo in this sofia the first invitation because sofia the first was produced and made by Walt Disney.

I used different Sofia the first wallpaper image that I download from
for free and this image I also used to be my main background for this birthday invitation.

It was nice and neat to see the color combination of purple, pink background and highlight it with red font on it.

There are lots of sofia the first invitation that spread in the internet that you can get ideas from it.

Most of the invitation template comes in many style and design but almost most of them are too expensive to provide.

Give your self a list of budget for each person that you give an invitation make a list and it will give you much savings.

Stay focus on the design that you already choose and it will give you a nice good looking invitation.
Sofia the first font

Sofia The First Invitation Layout

For this sample invitation of sofia the first layout design i used gold finger font on his name, shine personal use font on the top wording, i used brush script std on turns, mysterious lover font on his age, and aparajita font on other details.

You can download it this font on google search after downloading this font you must extract the font and just simply install it.

Find how to download Sofia the first fonts in

Sofia the First Invitation PSD

Sample Sofia the First Invitation for Seventh Birthday

For the people who don't know what is PSD means, It is a file extension where this files can easily edit just like your document you created but in PSD it was all about the information about the image, for short it was editable file.

You can only access a PSD file via Photoshop computer software application that you can install on your computer devices.

You can create and develop different variety of designs and layout with this photo editing software.

Many parents looking for this editable file to save time and money in creating their personalized invitation.

Guy's if you want your daughter and son to be part of this webpage you can sent e-mail to us
just give all the information you have and put all the information that we must know about, and we will layout for you and post up in here.

To get more unique sofia the first background design you can visit Family.Disney.Com it is a collection of HD Disney Background images that you can used to build unique template.

I hope you guys like my layout for the day and guy's please keep supporting our site so that i can help many people out there in problems with their layout.

More Sofia the First Template Design

Sofia the First Invitation Layout for Seventh Birthday

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it ok to build invitation layout with two birthday Themes design on it?

Yes! Why not if it was your client wants to have so respect and always followed their desire.

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So guys i hope you like it and have a nice day to all. 

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